Hope A Poem by Nithin

Why carry on? This moment carries more weight than one can endure

The darkness is enveloping this lone island of hope one struggles to muster

The pain of knowing this journey has led nowhere so far, seeks to bend my knees;

What good is hope for a person on a path that has no signpost?

Hope, a two-syllable word that seeks to strengthen but comes at a cost

The cost of uncertainty, risk and the building of an indomitable spirit

For if not for hope, the fallen would remain as such than seek to endeavor

If not for hope, those who persecute would win the battle for the persecuted soul

Hope, the promise of a better day engulfed in victory;

It has led to some of the finest moments of history.

Yet, a gift so free, is so few and far amongst the masses

It is easy to preach but proves difficult to practice.

For in our most trying of times words of comfort seldom suffice Generations have come and gone holding on to hope till their demise.

What mystery is yet to be unlocked to fully comprehend this concept?

Is it all for nothing or is this the beginning of abundance?

Will I stand again and not fall or do I end up risking it all?

Never to be known if I don’t give it another try

Hope in my heavy heart, I rise up with my head held high

Give me all you got, because either I win or I die.