Traveler A Poem by Nithin

Traveler, traveler. Weary eyed wandering wordsmith

What tales have you been taught? what riches have you sought?

Tell me about the sands of lands where the sun burns bright;

Tell me of the cold from corners the sun has never shone.

What sorts of people did you meet traveling on your own?

Did they greet you as a friend or shun you as a foe?

What mysteries did these lands and people hold?

Pain radiates evidently, have you lost more than you gained?

Did the travels justify the sacrifices that you must have entailed?

Did you lie awake at night in the ships you sailed;

And dream of a face miles and miles away?

Tell me traveler, of the food you must have tasted

Tell me of the spirits in which you were wasted

Do the stars appear the same in the night skies?

Of these places or do they differ with distance

Oh traveler, tell me, how did you begin your journey?

The traveler looked up with eyes wiser than mine

Years ago, I met a traveler and asked him the same as you did I.

Read More Of Nithin’s Work By Checking Put His Blog Here

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