Maze A Poem by Nithin

My mind is a maze with the exit in the center

But to get there, demons I must encounter

Demons in name but they appear human

Who once were joy turned into monsters.

Scared to even enter but if I don’t it’s surrender

Been hurt too many times to provide the demons with another win

How can I discard revenge when anger is the only reason forward?

I take a step and then another, the pull of this place cannot compare to another

It beckons like the deepest of lovers but leaves you empty than fulfilled after

Face to face with my first fear it’s the shame of not standing up to myself

Every time I was berated, belittled and made to question myself

Being made to believe being myself isn’t good enough, should have burned that thought the day it took over.

But it’s hard to do when the ones who are meant to love you instill the seed of self-doubt

Forgiveness is mine to deliver to their broken soul but forget I will not their heart froze cold

The wraith fades and holds no more power as I walk through where once fear blocked the door.

The maze shrinks as I get my hopes up, this time the only way out will be up

I turn the corner and find an old friend who taught me love taking the form of heartbreak

I feel the earth quake, feel the same icy feeling I felt that day, the mind gives way to anxiety

No, not today! Power is mine to give you and no power you have over me today

I tread over the pieces of what was and in leaving them broken, become whole.

The maze has shrunk further as I gain a sense of direction

But before I exit this contraption I must face the biggest enemy awaiting

Between the end and me standing tall, the man who always ensured my downfall in this maze I forged, with every word, action, and step I took.

Face to face I stood with myself, the self who didn’t have the what-ifs, missteps, and regrets.

The person I could have been if I had taken that one turn, if I had not felt love’s burn, If I had kept my head ahead instead of down.

Was it too late, is this all a dream? Is this the part where I wake up in screams?

A step and another, no waking from this, I walk, I stride, I pace but he gets further away.

And that’s when I realized he’s not an enemy, not a prize to face, he was just there but he didn’t live to earn the life I chased

I did, He didn’t get to regret the things that I did, Feel the fall of failure and power of pain Experience life and at that moment, I stopped chasing, I pitied him.

He looked me in the eyes, smiled and stepped aside.

I strode past the person who could have been

I strode past, a better person and a better me.

The exit to a new life awaited, I stall for a second Turn back and look to see the maze no longer stood New beginnings and a new future await.

This maze I had built had seen the last of its days

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