Lichen Poem: Crazy Dragons

Crazy Dragons in their Afro Wigs

With purple, & yellow pants

Smoking on twigs

“Crazy Dragons?”

Why not? I mean fuck it

Crazy Dragons behind the Pulpit

At their Crazy Dragon Dragthelic Church

Crazy Dragons on the sidewalk

Selling their Crazy Dragon merch

Crazy Dragon merch is like an Acid Trip

But come to life

Theirs often depicted a Sparrow with a knife

Just really imagine a hippie

But A little more trippie

That’s a Crazy Dragon

Maybe ones even baggin’

Groceries at a store

Crazy Dragon, Tif-Tif Yity Googlamore

“What? Googlamore?”

Yeah im gettin’ rhymthical

Which sometimes makes you get creatively lyrical

But it doesn’t really matter

This whole entire damned song

Is nonsense–can you tell I just hit a bong?

I mean hopefully not, because I didn’t

Print… Hint… Mint… what directly rhymes with didn’t…

I guess I’d have to abrievate it as did-int

Then I could rhyme it with tint, stint, or print

I’m done with this shint

So The End Good Riddint