Lichen Poem: P.T.S.D.

You’ve heard it before

Now let me say it again

A hero doesn’t fly

A hero isn’t neccesarily even a nice guy

Infact a hero can be mean

But its probably because of what they’ve seen

Maybe he’s a cop, who’s partner was killed

Maybe she’s a doctor who lost a precious patient

But they still are Hero’s

They just require more patience

So don’t start to call all Cops Corrupt

Don’t say all doctors are dumb

For once bite your thumb

And just think, just consider

Don’t be like them, don’t grow bitter

But accept that they are

It’s the fine print on the price they pay

Who knows? They may have flashbacks every day

It’s called P.T.S.D

And its something hopefully you’ll never get to see

Hopefully it goes and dies in a ditch

But for now its here

And for them it’s an unscratchable itch

It’s called Post Dramtic Stress Disorder

So yeah they may occasionally cross a line or a border

But show some respect, you weren’t there

Just stay home and keep worrying about your hair

And how you look in the Mirror

But stay out of their buisness

Stay away and stay here

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