Jade C. Crypt: The Asylum

Soon after I was born

Therapists said my mind was torn

I was locked up in Lustershire

The institution for the “Criminally Insane”

But I wasn’t “insane” all I did was Crash a plane

I was only Sixteen, my parents couldn’t take a little joke

But shit got really serious when I killed my Asylum Buddy

The poor bloke

But he took my Spoon

Let’s face it: He had it coming, it’s his fault

You don’t steal a utensil, if you try to halt!

That means Stop

But it means it in Spanish

Like how “Solatare” means “Drop”

Yes that Educational little line

Was created just to rhyme

But as my old therapist used to say

“That’s it for today, we’re out of time”