Lichen Poem: Backstabber

Every time I turn around you Scheme

We’re supposed to be a team

Don’t forget we both built this Empire

You never here me complain and tire

So what’s wrong?

You know what Nevermind, Fuck You!

Motherfucker I bid you adieu

Since you hate It all so much

I know cause all you do is complain

So I’ll force the sale

Then we’ll watch your life Drain

I’ll witness it derail

Because you have no real skills

Hell, I do all the work

Then you do nothing but shit talk

Me to all the employees

Man, that’s sorta Nervy

You watch 18-Year olds twerk on a computer all day

Man, thats hella Pervy

I mean come on your Forty-Four

You’ve got a wife and three kids

Aka: Better shit to do than watch a chick bang on a floor

Your wife is miserable I can tell

She’s headed towards the door

Your headed towards hell