Lichen Poem: Disrespect

You always Disrespect me

Telling me to split “like a tree”

But just like your fake online degree

It makes about as much sense as saying

“Hicko Ticko Gitee”

Why don’t you just go back to the hood

Your nothing, and no good

And while your there you’ll probably kiss your dog

Because your a disgusting, sloppy hog

Who isn’t educated enough to tell rain from fog

I bet you’ll also visit a dive bar

Let’s face it: Your a drunk

Probably because life hasn’t brought you far

It just fell, and its sunk

Like a lake-crashed car

Enjoy your big house for now

Its about as permanent as your wedding vow

“I’ll never cheat” Is the Deadbeats Quote

But only three months later

He was caught fuckin’ Ms. Tote

“I left her” is all I hear

But really she left you

And you drowned yourself in beer

Diving deeper in it every year

Its getting darker down there, and you have so much fear

But not to worry

Just kidding, no ones here

Your about as cold and alone

As a single snake bone

Hidden in a desert

Now leave me your poor son of a bitch

Go hide, and hurt