Lichen Poem: I.L.E!!!

I.L.E. a private sequence known only by me

I.L.E. Locked deep within my body, & soul

I may not know much, & I may not be a millionaire

But I know I.L.E. And that’s priceless, & Precious

It’s perfect, its home, its everything

It never starves, it never thirsts

All it does it spontaneously combust, & burst

I scream it at the top of my voice: I.L.E

I Happily Cry, & Rejoice! I.L.E

What’s your I.LE?

You know it! You Want It!

Take It! Grab it by the hand, & Run

I.L.E: The Cure To Misery

I.L.E: The Key To Glee

I.L.E: It Males Us Breathe

It Gives A Point To The Trees