Lichen Poem: Save Myself Before I Drown

I’ve cried in the night

I’ve screamed during day

For that’s the punishment

Of those with a spirit–Those that disobey

I could have conformed

Done what I was told

Yet, If I had done that

Life would be stale, and grow old

I’d have “Much More”

I’d be free of the Titles they give

“Bad”, “Greedy”, “Unloyal”

None of those titles are true

The winners write the story

This is what we’ve all heard

I’m not Disloyal, or Greedy

I’m not Bad

Did I lose? No.

Why? Because I don’t let them win.

They think they have? Sure.

But they have not.

I will not conform in life

Or in my Written Style

I am a human as are they

No man’s laws hold me down

I’ll save myself before I drown

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