Lichen Poem: The Saga Of A New Earth

The Saga Of A New Earth by Caden738

As the Children ran and play

While the Adults worked away

Any man of this world could see

The day was ordinary

The Sun did not set too soon

We did not witness a Red Moon

There were no signs it happened with Speed

A Billion Creatures Arose as the Earths Edges Began To Recede

The Earth Opened up, leaving a gash you could see from Space

And emerged from this Gap was a Subterranean Race

Faces, and Bodies brown and like dirt

Naked, with their shame showing, no pants, and no Shirt

They were Animals, and they lay at the top of the Chain

And we entered into the time of their Reign

There was no Government, they had no King

We were not prepared for the Hell they did Bring

No Arrow, No Bullet, No Sword, and No Knife

Could Pierce their Rocky Dirty Skin, and End their Life

Yet as we attacked, or at least tried

They never fought back, and no Humans Died

They lived their Lives, and Never Did Interfere

Never Speaking, or giving any idea why they were here

Witnessing this People drove themselves Insane

So Scared, and Confused as to why these creatures were on their Plain

They drove themselves so Crazy they started killing each Other

Eventually every man had no Father, Sister, Mother, or Brother

Everyone was alone. And now they’re all gone

The Creatures took over the Earth they Set Upon

In this new world the Earth experienced an Era of Peace

All Harm, and all hate came to a Cease

But as all Era’s do the Era came to an End

The Creatures Turned Sour, and began to Contend

And just as the humans they destroyed one another

Each one was alone with no Father, Sister, Mother, Or Brother

They eventually returned Dead to the Ground

Leaving Earth worse than how it was Found

And so ends the Story

Of A Species From The Great Hearth

So Bloody, And Gory

The Saga Of A New Earth