About Us

Darkleigh features QuicNews, The Darkleigh Universe, and we also feature LichenSS (The Lichen Universe). LichenSS is Lichen Short Stories, or was. Lichen was at one point it’s own website, but because of lack of funding I acquired it, and keep it alive here on Darkleigh. Lichen now goes as Lichen Short Stories & Poems.

The Darkleigh Universe

The Darkleigh universeis a series of fictional events, people, and places put into stories. Note: Currently Stalled.


QuicNews is fictional news reports about the fictional places, and people from the Darkleigh Universe. Note: Currently Stalled.

The Lichen Universe

Probably the reason your here in the first place, Lichen is Poetry, and Short Stories. Once independent, now under the ownership of Darkleigh.com. Lichen is the most popular part of Darkleigh, and currently not stalled like the other two-thirds of darkleigh.com.

Within One’s Mind Lies Chasms.

Inside Those Chasms Lie Eerie Forests.

And Inside Those Eerie Forests Monsters Sleep…

Occasionally Escaping.

This Is Where They Come.