Lichen Poem: Fiaiya

Fiaiya (Fie-aye-ya) by Caden738

The Fiaiya Tree grows dead

With no sticks on its stump, and no leaves on its head

It grows, and then dies

In your minds desert sun

It’s good to be dead, as it births lies

All it takes in a moment and its already begun

Because of the Fiaiya tree’s jealously sprouts


The 10 Dogs: Rosa #2

The 10 Dogs, #2: Rosa. By Caden738

I’ve tried many times to put this to words

Sadness still, and always will overcome me

Please rest in peice sweet baby

I am so sorry that the word “sorry” seems inadequate

Your red fur, and baby-dog face

Rosey, I love you.

Rest in peace in heaven

Until someday–hopefully–I may cross the gates

Cross the gates and see you…

My dear, sweet, loving Rosa.

Lichen Poem: Tall Windows

Tall Windows by Caden738

Tall windows in the dining halls with long oak tables

Thousand acre pasture where the stallions run

When their not confined to their stables

There’s always workers in the chambers

Cleaning, cooking, and entertaining guests

And their happy to be doing these much appreciated labours

The best part of all in the castle in the land of dingo’s

Are the things that let you see the whole land

The most work went into our tall artisan windows