Lichen Poem: Darogue

Darogue By Caden738

A word never heard is a word never spoken

A word whose meaning never was encouraged, was forgotten

However in our evil society this word resurfaces

Shines light, and defines this worlds corruption

Darogue, The word if the year

Darogue, the word that was hidden

Darogue the word of many meanings

To harm the innocent, to slander the good

To destroy what is needed, and to profit from these misdeeds

This world–once pure–has turned darogue


Lichen Poem: Innocent. Guilty. Execute.

Innocent. Guilty. Execute. By Caden738

As the homeless dog lay peacefully in the night

A drunken man approaches, in the mood to fight

The man attacks, and the dog defends

Because of the fight into hell the man descends

Though the city, and state know the whole story

They make the dogs death by needle mandatory

And so’s the tale of many a dog

Given death because of mans darogue laws