The 10 Dogs: Rosa #2

The 10 Dogs, #2: Rosa. By Caden738

I’ve tried many times to put this to words

Sadness still, and always will overcome me

Please rest in peice sweet baby

I am so sorry that the word “sorry” seems inadequate

Your red fur, and baby-dog face

Rosey, I love you.

Rest in peace in heaven

Until someday–hopefully–I may cross the gates

Cross the gates and see you…

My dear, sweet, loving Rosa.


The 10 Dogs: Koda #1

The 10 Dogs, #1: Koda. By Caden738

Such a shy boy, quickly turned away

A loyal boy, who has so much trust

He makes the cutest noises, and faces

Koda is a human-like dog


Lichen Poem: Innocent. Guilty. Execute.

Innocent. Guilty. Execute. By Caden738

As the homeless dog lay peacefully in the night

A drunken man approaches, in the mood to fight

The man attacks, and the dog defends

Because of the fight into hell the man descends

Though the city, and state know the whole story

They make the dogs death by needle mandatory

And so’s the tale of many a dog

Given death because of mans darogue laws