Lichen Poem: Trendz

Trendz by Caden738

Stupid dance

Weird Hair

Talking slang

Look at all those things that seem cool

Do me a favor, realize they suck

If not go ahead with them, be a follower and a fool

Fanny packs

Disco joint


Remember these were all trends too

In the future They’ll embarrass you

You’ll hate, and realize these things aren’t great:

Rappers whose names all have “x”

meaningless sex

Never feeling true joy

Being a tease, and overly coy

When I see you dance I think your having a stroke

People with eyes think you’ve taken a toke

All your trends are a joke

Or as the British would say:

Your a blimey, bloke!

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Lichen Poem: The Man Who Grabbed The Lady

The Man Who Grabbed The Lady by Caden738

I picked him up

From a yellow house that seemed shady

He ran to the car, and in a scared daze spilled a cup

That when he told me about the lady

Who was grabbed, and hurt by a man

The man was a dad

The father of the one he was here seeing

He said the man threw a fit

And the women he did hit

Then he told my son

That he better tell no one

Or else he would harm him too

I quickly called the cops

But their reaction was delayed

As the Kent police waited days

They showed up much too late

3 long days after the fact

The man had shown the boy, and mother their fate

And up in a bag they were hacked

That story is true

And you will hope it isnt you

That relies on the Kent Police of Washington

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Lichen Story: Magic Waters

On the bay of ponderay lies a pond called faund, which houses the fish in blouses, who dine at noon with the aquatic baboon, who frequently calls the Dalls.

The Dalls are Eel’s, who go go royal balls, wearing their heels, where they meet with the king of lomping, the biggest city of faund, the pond.

Then theirs the Trout, who always rock the house when they scream, and shout. The doctors are sturgeon who are certified surgeons, and Dale & Gail the ale drinking green swordtail.

Those are the magic waters, where fish can be potters, and befriend otters, the magic waters of the pond of faund.

Written By Caden738